One day you will get up to realize that you are happy but the problem is why not now? Why we have to wait for a particular day or only for a special person to make us feel happy or fortunate? At a certain point in your life when you understand that the only person you can count on is yourself and our happiness is in our own hands. That one particular person who actually makes you happy is you. It might feel really tense, sad, painful, exhausting, overwhelming, disheartening or hopeless but it’s going to be alright.
I’m a traveler. I’ve spent half my life traveling alone because it makes me happy. Sometimes, people ask, “wouldn’t you have more fun exploring if you had someone to go with?” and my answer is always ‘No.’ I’m fine all by myself. It’s not that I hate people; traveling with a friend or someone close can be an enriching experience. But I go by myself because I want to know about my strengths, my shyness, and my insecurities also; it’s a great activity.
It occurs to me a lot that as I see people going out partying and having their meetups and what I am doing is working alone. I don’t feel like going anywhere or being the center of attention. Why am I like that? Am I doing something wrong? Believe me, nothing is wrong with me; it is just that I am an introvert. After each event, I keep my calendar clear the next day because after socializing with people, I need my time to revive. Have you ever felt hurt so bad that your whole body is complaining? Have you ever considered that there is nothing you can do to resolve your issue? This just won’t end here. You will have it critical than your imagination, and when you have been through hard times, only then you will be okay; all by yourself. I’d like to repeat it again that it is not like that you hate people or you don’t need anyone in your life ever again, but it is just that you’d rather be on your own. You’d join them, greet them but at the end of the day, it’s only your company that you will honestly assume okay with.
There are people out there who view themselves as nicest of all and right when you begin believing them they turn bad, and you go all frustrated from them. I think people have absorbed out all the positivity from a person’s life when they need to go beyond from them. I have a colleague who never wants to get coupled. When I asked the reason, she answered she didn’t want to get married ever not because she had bad encounters with men. It’s because she refused to obey the set pattern of civilization. She said that she declined to be their pawn on this big plot of making people into machines who just breathe their lives like everyone else and die. “I am okay on my own because it’s the only way I’m defying their rules; it’s sort of rebellion for some people but a lesson for others that you don’t lack anyone to sustain if you have your own support.”
The natural thing now days is to see someone to share your thoughts with, I know I’m worthy and to be frank I don’t need the permission of anyone for it. Whenever I stay alone, I always remind myself that it’s because I choose to be. No one can enforce this on all those people and me questioning you that why you are always solely, have you ever asked them that why they are constantly with the people? Don’t you want to see yourself someday? Oh, I get it you are too busy with the people because they want you, or maybe it’s the other way around. But you should see the difference between somebody who needs you rather than someone who’s willing to do anything for you and that somebody is you only; you can do anything for yourself, no one else can.

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