A Ghost Encounter….

Four college students decide to explore an abandoned house which is believed to be haunted. The house has been uninhabited for such a long time that hardly anyone can remember anything about the house. The current owner of the house lives in the United States and doesn’t care much about it or may be he is planning to sell it.
Gwen and her other two friends arrived at the house around 7:30 which is not too late and not sufficiently dark and which makes exploring quite easy.

The house is the picture of the carelessness, the walls of the house were covered with algae, the weeds have over grown, and the thorns of some unknown plants made impossible to walk without getting your lower legs scratched. Joe had worn shorts, and her legs had cuts and were bleeding by the time she walked the distance of 3meters from the gate to the front door. It was moonless night, and people believed that on such occasions the spirits of dead are unrestricted by the veil between the living and the dead.
They entered the house through the windows since the door had a rusty lock on it, the windows were old and appeared to belong to the times long gone by and had no glass on them which made getting in rather easy. Gwen was the first to go in followed by Joe and Lisa. They switched the flashlights which filled the interior with an eerie light. Suddenly, Gwen had this feeling of being sad and that someone is watching them. She ignored the feeling as being guilty of trespassing on someone else’s property.

Her feeling continued, and it felt like someone was playing a voyeur on her. It was sick feeling. As they were taking a look inside Gwen was constantly looking back to check if someone was behind her. Joe asked her what’s wrong, she told her everything she has observed, and Joe too agreed that somewhat she felt the same.

The interior of the house was ugly and unfurnished, with a huge living room, a flight of stairs in one corner of the corridor that led up to the first floor. There was just kitchen beside the hall and a bedroom or storeroom to the left of the kitchen, they decided to go to the first floor and see if they could find themselves any ghosts.

Lisa stayed downstairs as she wasn’t feeling alright. Gwen and Joe continued going upstairs. In the midway, Gwen overwhelmed by a feeling of sudden and utter terror. She couldn’t breathe and wanted to flee the place, her eyes started watering, and her head hurt, a short scream escaped her throat, and Joe looked at her from where she was standing at the top of the stair. She asked Gwen if she was okay and Gwen just nodded her head and said it might be her dust allergy acting up. They slowly go to the upper floor, and they decided to check the rooms ahead. There were three bedrooms up ahead and a door which led to the terrace. They decided to check the first room, as they were about to open the door and peek in they heard someone coming up the stairs. Thinking it was Lisa, Gwen went to take a look to find that the stairs were deserted, but strangely the sound continued and couldn’t see anyone. It was like the sound made when you walk around in flip-flops. Lisa was wearing heels, so she wasn’t playing tricks on them. Gwen stood there glued and stoned like a statue listening to the sound of walking approaching close to her. She screamed for Joe who came out running from the room she was looking in, and she had heard the sound too. Joe’s face showed the fright she felt, and she gripped Gwen’s hand and rushed downstairs. Gwen felt an icy breath of air pass her, and she was too frightened to care.2016-07-13 (2).png
They saw Lisa sitting peacefully downstairs on the floor as if in a trance and she seemed to be meditating. They were scared, scared as hell.  They shook Lisa, she kind a startled and asked Gwen and Joe why she was sitting down. She seemed genuinely confused. And, as they were thinking about the situation they heard someone laughing upstairs and ran out of the house through the windows. They ran hard and when they stopped to catch their breath. Gwen took a look at her friends and was shocked to see that Lisa’s face was ghastly pale, her pupils had dilated to such an extent that they nearly covered her hazel irises, she was sweating and burning up. She seemed to have gone into that trance like state again. Gwen shook her and asked if Lisa was okay. Lisa said she felt sick and groaned. She had to puke, and she didn’t feel alright at all. They went home to let her get some rest.

Back home, she flopped down on Gwen’s bed in her room and seemed to have slept immediately. Joe and Gwen discussed the events that have taken place and wondered if the ghost would have followed them here, deciding that it wasn’t a possibility they went to the kitchen to make something for dinner and wait for Lisa while she completed her nap. Gwen decided to take a bath before she cooks something to calm herself down. While undressing Gwen noticed some scratches near her breasts which were not there earlier, they were shallow and didn’t even hurt. She checked her top to see if it did tear while getting in or out through the window or anything like that. There wasn’t any sign of injuries on it. It just didn’t feel normal, dropping the idea of bathing she showed the scratches to Joe. Confused and panicked, Joe examined herself to see if she had any scratches on her body and there were three mysterious scratches on her stomach, she said she didn’t have them earlier. They looked new as if they were bleeding but didn’t hurt at all. They decided to tell this to Lisa and see if she was doing okay. They went to Gwen’s room where Lisa was resting, and they heard her meditating again. Gwen stoned at the spot, Joe went and shook her, and she got out of the trance like state again. Gwen went to the kitchen to get some ash from the essence sticks which is considered to be holy and put it one Lisa’s forehead. Then all of them did a little ritual of praying and asking the spirit to leave them alone. There were no occurrences of her getting lost in that state again.

When they mentioned to her about the scratches that they had, she checked herself to find scratches on her stomach too. It was a strange coincidence and very weird to have encountered one hell of a pervert ghost who on seeing these three girls, decided to have some fun. They never mentioned that incident to anyone, and have not dared to go near the house again.

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