6 Socially Awkward Situation that embarrass us…

I am way beyond socially awkward and have realised that my innate weirdness/awkwardness has given birth to some horrifying and embarrassing moments.

  1. When I get introduced to someone, I don’t know and once we know each other’s names; I sometimes stand there wondering what to say because, I suck at small talk, big talk, and any sort of talk.
  2. It’s your birthday, and people are live “Happy Birthday,” So of course you say “You too!!!”
  3. If I see someone I know so I do the natural thing hide my face/run/duck or do all of the above.
  4. when people don’t pay attention to what you are saying or they’re ignoring you so you shut up and try to disappear and hope no one sees.
  5. Some attractive turns up so you get your hotness on. And then they ask you if you’re okay, in a “is this person a creep” voice.
  6. And finally….making phone calls. Honestly, nothing even has to happen here for it to scar you.

If any socially awkward person reading this: don’t think you are alone. That’s all and I have nothing to make you feel better.

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