Some random strange facts about famous movies…

1. Linda Hamilton’s twin sister, Leslie Hamilton Gearren was used as a double in scenes involving two “Sarah Connors” (for example, when the T-1000 was imitating her) Identical twins Don Stanton and Dan Stanton played the hospital security guard and the T-1000.

2. James Cameron did not want any song in the film Titanic. Composer James Horner secretly arranged with lyricist Will Jennings and singer Céline Dion to write “My Heart Will Go On” and presented to Cameron, who liked it to include over the closing credits.

3. Psycho- The shower scene was shot from December 17 through December 23, 1959. It features 77 different camera angles and includes 50 cuts.

Also psycho was the first American film to show toilet flush.

4. Shawshunk Redemption – The mugshots of a young-looking Morgan Freeman that are attached to his parole papers are actually pictures of Morgan’s younger son, Alfonso Freeman. Alfonso also had a cameo in the movie as a prisoner shouting, “Fresh fish! Fresh fish today! We’re reeling ’em in!”

A year after The Shawshank Redemption (1994), he appeared as a Fingerprint Technician in another Morgan Freeman movie, Se7en (1995).

5.forest gump- Elizabeth Hanks: the girl in the school bus with the red hair is Tom Hanks’s daughter. Alexander Zemeckis: The first boy in the school bus who refuses to let Forrest sit next to him is Robert Zemeckis’ son.

6. Saving Private Ryan:

Forty barrels of fake blood were utilized in the opening battle scene in Normandy.

The whole movie was shot in 59 days. The beach scene of Normandy alone took 25 days to shoot.

Real amputees were used for the shots of people with limbs missing.

7. Rocky :

Rocky’s dog Butkus was actually Stallone’s dog in real life.

The poster in the film about Rocky fights Apollo shows Rocky wearing red shorts with a white stripe when he actually wears white shorts with a red stripe. This was an actual mistake made by the props department that they could not afford to rectify, so Stallone came up with the idea for the scene where Rocky points out the mistake himself.

This film’s budget was only 1.1 million dollars, grossing 225 million dollar.

9. Hobbits

Sir Ian McKellen( Gandalf) performed all alone, on a greenscreen set, with only an earpiece connecting him to the performance being provided by the rest of the cast.

10. Lord of the Rings: The return of the king

It has the highest perfect score at the Academy Awards, with 11 wins out of 11 nominations. A clean sweep.

Till date only fantasy film to win an Oscar for best picture.

11. one flew over cuckoo’s nest

Jack Nicolson, Danny DeVito and Vincent Schiavelli play the inmates of an asylum. All three ended up as villains in Batman films: Nicholson was the Joker in Batman (1989), DeVito and Schiavelli were the Penguin and the Organ Grinder respectively in Batman returns(1992)

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