Why SRK is famous worldwide?

As an Indian, movie lover, I have to say the reason SRK is my personal favorite Bollywood actor has to do with not only his acting skills and the types of movies he has made, but also with his nature as a human being.
Some people are able to transcend the heights even in their own chosen field while others are great at what they do but never become transcendent. Shah Rukh Khan is a self-made man who has become transcendent.
He is an actual hero, not just an action hero. That doesn’t mean he is fighting bad guys in the streets or pulling down corruption in the government single-handedly. But what it does say is that he has developed a lifestyle which is worthy of being emulated by others who seek for success. He has established himself as a person into a man who is humble, kind, patient, transparent and genuinely cares about others.
The man has a beautiful family life, a clean police record with no arrests, an honest and tolerant religious experience, a fantastic work ethic, a firm belief in his fellow man, and hope for the future. There is no more or better a winning combination than that.
He is generous and gives of himself as well as vast amounts of his money and everyone who has had dealings with him, whether it be fellow actors, interviewers, cricket players, or those ordinary people who are lucky enough to meet him say the man is attentive, caring and very genuine. He does tons of charity work, especially with children, and is never afraid to speak honestly about his views or feelings on anything.

If you listen to his speeches or interviews on youtube, you never get the sense he is just saying stuff or spitting out words to promote himself, project his image or protect himself from criticism. He is honest and forthright and fearless.
He says he is shy and has trouble dealing with people or situations unfamiliar to him, and yet he never disappoints or fails to give his best even in the most stressful environment. So, these are the things that make him world famous and hugely popular.
India is a blessed nation to have such an excellent ambassador for their movie industry as they have in SRK and should see him for what he is…. a national treasure.

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