Why is Bollywood glorifying criminals back to back with Raees, Haseena Parkar and Alauddin Khilji(Padmavati)?

It’s just Simple because Bollywood is Bollywood. To be completely honest, it’s because we actually go and watch these films and applaud at them.
When the Padmavati trailer released, Shahid and Deepika were almost wholly ignored, everybody praised Khilji. We also know that this movie is going to do very well, and many people are going to watch it, undoubtedly. Hence, the scale and actors basically decide the fate of the movie. Had it been some other famous actor in Manjhi, it would have been exceptionally acclaimed by different actors, award shows and so on, but that’s not exactly what we are discussing.
Secondly, nearly everyone wants to see Shahrukh, Ranveer, or Deepika on screen. Every director approaches them as well because they are a direct source of enormous opening day collections. It’s a no-brainer, lots of producer money, glorified actors, extensive sets, a couple of songs and just sprinkle a story on top lightly. Which immediately results in those ‘OMG RANVEER JGJFKFJD’ tweets and 300 crore plus collections. Everyone wants money, they’ll do something that is proven to work, and to be quite honest – they’ll do anything.
It’s also the fact that the audience doesn’t even remotely care, they want to watch those movies, and it’s not their fault, at least not entirely. Like I said actors and scale always work, and we’ll still go to watch that movie with those giant sets, and not to mention ‘RANVEER’ or our Bollywood biggies.
The story part does not really matter, at least not for a majority of Bollywood movies. It’s just that whatever story that can fit somewhere into this halva (mixture), that is a ‘movie,’ will be used. So to be quite honest, “NOBODY CARES,” the audience wants it, and the directors, actors, and producers apparently do too.
Thus, these movies are made and will be continually made. Till audiences realize what they are actually watching. Its simple, it’s because of ‘consumer demands.’
This isn’t just the case for Raees, Padmavati, or Haseena Parker, it can be seen it nearly every movie that has been crossing the 100, 200 crore mark lately. It’s not even about criminals, most people won’t even care about what Khilji actually did in his time, all they will care about is ‘OMG RANVEER LOOKS SO HOT NA.’
They glorify, because we DO NOT CARE and because COLLECTIONS will come pouring down in their pockets, and nobody hates money.

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